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Technical data

Planing hull
Self-emptying deck
Material hand-laminated reinforced plastic
Tank and holding space over 1000 litres
Length 8.60 m
Width 3.18 m
Draft 0.70 m
Weight 4000 kg (with full tank and standard equipment)
Recommendend engine 70-200 hp

Standard equipment

Rudder and keel acid-proof steel
Hydraulic steering gear
Navigation, working and searchlights
Railings and mountings
Furnishing, for example, teak
Heating, wipers and inside lights
Bilge pump and fire extinguisher
Fuel tanks

Extra equipment examples

Toilet with sink and shower
Interface for electric network
Rudder angle meter
Windmeter (speed & bearing)
Echo sounder
Map plotter
Diesel heating system
Petrol, diesel or gascooker
Radio, CD, cassette player with speakers
Water tank
Warm water boiler
Pressure water system
Additional fuel tank
Painting of hull against salt water and alga
Additional steering places
Bensin / Dieselgenerator 1,5-3 KVA

Naviga 8 S is a boat developed for leisure and professional use. The goal was an optimal use of space. Speed, agility and safety were the starting points in the planning of the Naviga 8 S. The development resulted in a 8.60 long, 3.18 wide boat with a planing hull and a modern design meeting today's requirements for speed (even 30 knots) and manoeuvrability (turning radius 10 m). The hull features an overlapping shape. Thanks to the strong keel, the boat runs steadily also in hard winds. The unique design of the bow and the bottom enables smooth ride also at high speed.

The cabin offers sleeping - berths for four people. The pilot house is placed at the bow offering a clear view and good manoeuvrability. The furnishing is made of durable materials that are easy to keep clean. A variety of equipment can be installed in the cabin, depending on the space requirements, for instance a galley with a pressurised water system, a stove with oven a separate toilet. The pilot house can be equipped with modern navigation and steering systems.

Naviga 8 S is a boat for the new generation. The boat has excellent sea-going qualities. The boat can be tailor-made according to your own specification as regards space and control systems. In this way you can design your own "dream boat." Be sure of getting an extraordinary boat, no matter what kind of equipment you choose.