Naviga 10S prototype from year 1985

Company history
Naviga MBS Oy in Lohtaja on the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland is a company that builds fibreglass-reinforced boats. In The beginning of the 60's, the founder of the company, Jalmari Lukkarila, began building boats in the cellar of his detached house. Being an enthusiastic fisherman he wanted to make his trips easier with a plastic dinghy that could travel both on water, land and ice. Durability and easy manoeuvrability were prerequisites for the dinghy. Inspired by his succesful dinghy project Jalmali Lukkarila decided also to build larger row-boats.

The birth of Naviga
Experience, success, inspiration and of course demand all contributed to the industrial production of fishing and work boats at the end of the 60's. In the first stage of the dinghy production, Jalmari Lukkarila's five daughters assisted their father in the project and, as years went by, the family company had skillful work force in the sons-in-law. The Naviga fishing boats began to take shape and become a concept. As the production of Naviga boats expanded more spacious premises were needed. The old community hall of Lohtaja congregation was purchased and the company operated in these "blessed rooms" until spring 1997, when it moved to better

The establishment of a limited company
The limited company Lukkarilan Veneet Oy was established in 1981 with the sons-in-law as shareholders. The name was changed to Naviga MBS (Modified Boats) Oy in spring 1998.

In the course of the years, the industrial premises have been filled with moulds of various boat models. The company has designed all Naviga boat models for practice and hard conditions. Therefore Naviga boats are well suited for professional purposes. Every boat is built to the customer's needs and wishes. The main models are Naviga 10s, Naviga 8s, FF 1080 and Naviga 630, all having a planing hull.

Hundreds of Naviga models have been built. Finnish market has been the primary area, but nowadays export is remarkable, around 50% of yearly production. Naviga boats have been exported to Germany and Belgium; Ibiza, the Faroes and Azores being the most far-away places.

Pictures of manufacturing Naviga boats

The business idea
The company has not "remained", but has been kept in family-possession. Fashion trends, big investments, debts and uncontrollable risk-taking have never been part of the business policy. The company's future is founded on the durable, safe and beautiful Naviga boats.